Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Facts about "The Jason Kirby"

25 Facts about The Jason Kirby:

1. I plan on being worth a million dollars before I am 25 years old

2. I live to be active and play intramural sports whenever I can

3. I am currently training for a triathlon...

4. I hate swimming because I suck at it

5. I own a photography company

6. I am the kind of guy that is always busy and can't stand wasting time doing pointless things

7. I live, breath, and die South Park and South Park quotes. If you haven't seen every South Park episode, you might be confused when talking to me.

8. 24 is the most manly TV show ever. Jack Bauer will fuck up Chuck Norris any day

9. I currently have 2 jobs, one internship and one real job

10. I intern at eBoost Consulting, a digital marketing consultancy, check out my video from there -

11. I work at Ritz Camera and sell cameras

12. I teach photography classes to people just starting out

13. I have a personal masseuse

14. I am currently in SigEp and rage my face off when I get the chance

15. I live in a house with 5 other dudes and a really gay dog (Brutus)

16. I am an currently a junior and majoring in Entrepreneurial Management and plan on graduating spring 2010

17. I love anything sweet, especially Trolli Sour Gummi Worms and Skittles

18. I created a really awesome calendar... The Greek Goddesses Calendar

19. I shot an equally awesome, yet slightly homosexual calendar... The Greek Gods Calendar

20. I trade stocks with two different brokerage accounts

21. I really want to skydive before I die (anyone want to go with me)

22. I have 3 different blogs

23. I have absolutely no shred of musical talent in my body, I attempted to play the violin in 4th grade and was asked to leave.

24. I love listening to country and hip hop (two complete opposites)

25. I actually took the time to create a website about me, it started off for networking purposes, but now it is a complete joke because the picture I put up on it... check it out for a good laugh

26. 26 is my favorite number

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