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Jason Kirby's Work History

This is Jason Kirby's Work History. This blog (and also on my website goes into further detail than my resumes and actually describes what each company offered me and what I gave back to it. I will briefly go over my tasks and duties I performed at each job and what I took from these jobs. Each company will be in order of most recent and follow all the way to my first job when I was 16 years old.

eBoost Consulting (December 2008 – May 2009)

eBoost Consulting is a Digital Marketing Consultancy made up of young, hungry, eclectic business professionals. eBoost is driven by building enduring relationships based on trust. And on the frontline of this are the people. The way we do business and the methodology of our decision making is peer-based and forward-looking. It’s based on the outlines of the 21st century organizational model and accelerated by the extraordinary talent that we attract. This is the most recent company I am working for. Currently I am working as an unpaid intern working on a myriad of projects. These projects range anywhere from Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Guerilla Marketing, Persuasion Architecture and Persona Development. Before working for eBoost, I had no marketing background, let alone a digital marketing background. Now I am capable of putting together several aspects of a marketing campaign and how to successfully market to potential customers/clients.

Not only do I work on digital marketing campaigns for existing clients, but I also had the opportunity to assist in the training of CEO's and Vice Presidents. I trained these executives on how to start a digital marketing campaign and assisted them in learning the basics. This training session was put on by eBoost Consulting and I was one of two interns brought in to help. A wonderful experience that I will never forget.

Ritz Camera (September 2007 - Present)

Ritz Camera is the largest camera and camera accessory dealer in America with 2000+ stores nationwide and very successful website. They treat their employees well with benefits and high paying commissions and sometimes cash prize contests. Working at Ritz Camera I have learned more about sales than I have cameras. Sure my passion lies with photography and that has certainly assisted me in relating to customers' needs, but the sales training I received has been of great value. I was dominating in overall sales in comparison with my coworkers. I was working 28-34 hours a week and was selling more and had better sales percentages than my coworkers who have been in the company for years and working full-time. My manager was of huge assistance and acted as a mentor to me when it came to understanding customer needs and doing everything in my power to meet their needs.

Not only did I excel in general sales, but I also have taken on the position of course instructor. Ritz Camera offers free camera and photography classes to anyone that purchased a camera from any Ritz Camera Store. I am one of the few employees in the San Diego District that teaches these classes to 20 people at a time. My students have been so pleased with my teaching that they have requested me for their future classes.

I have gained invaluable experience from working at Ritz Camera and plan on working here until I graduate from SDSU.

Snookies Bar & Grill (May 2007 – August 2007)

Snookies Bar & Grill is a restaurant franchise based in North Texas around the Dallas area. This was my first and only server job in the restaurant industry. Since this was a completely new industry to me, I was able to learn a lot in a short period of time. I was working as a full-time server and picked up the importance of efficiency and quality customer service. While working here I was able to understand what patience really means and how to work in an extremely fast paced environment. I sometimes endured 14 hour shifts with minimal breaks and had to stay quick on my feet all day and not sacrifice quality of service to our customers. Snookies customer base was mostly return customers which meant there was high demand of consistency in food and service. I was commended by my managers on well I performed in tough conditions and held true to everything Snookies stood for.

Aztec Shops (August 2006 – May 2007)

Aztec Shops is a non for profit corporation operated by San Diego State University. They are in charge of the SDSU Bookstore, the convenience stores, and all eateries on campus. I worked for one of the larger convenience stores that had high levels of traffic during operating hours. Working on campus for Aztec Shops was vital to my successful transition from high school to college. I learned how to manage my time effectively with school, rushing my fraternity, and maintaining my performance at my job. The tasks of the job were minuscule and did not require much. However, it was important to be in the right place at the right time to manage the high volume of customers and keep the shelves stock. It was a fast paced environment that required attention to detail and my surroundings. The most valuable experience I gained from Aztec Shops was learning the significance of time management as a freshman in college.

Cox Communications and Business Internship Class (January 2006 – June 2006)

Cox Communications is cable, internet, and phone provider in several locations nationwide. I was intern in the Real Estate Management Department. This internship was organized by an ROP class I was apart of my senior year of high school. In this class I learned basic business operations and ethics. My professor worked with me on standard forms of business communications; such as, when and how to write memos, emails, letters, and proposals. After basic training I was assigned to intern at Cox Communications. It was a 100 hour internship that I learned how what office culture is and basic data entry. I also experienced what it is like answering to management and writing progress and status reports.

This internship was a valuable experience to have before I came to college and gave me the upper hand over my peers.

Radio Shack (January 2006 – June 2006)

I was the first 17 year-old hired by Radio Shack in over a decade, the district manager was so impressed by the interview he ignored my age. Radio Shack has by far the best sales training I have ever heard of and been through. I went through extensive amounts of sales and product training before I step foot on the sales floor. Working for Radio Shack introduced me into the wonderful world of sales and performance based pay. Here I learned how to approach a customer, qualify them, get them what they need, up sell them, and close the sale. This is where I learned the benefits of a high dollar per customer/ticket. I had an excellent manager who walked me through sales and taught me what to improve on and what I was already doing well in. This job is the reason why perform so well in sales and customer service.

Kid's Factory (January 2006 – March 2006)

Kid's Factory was an after school program for kids in grade school. I was a level 1 supervisor and was in charge of organizing activities and maintaining a safe environment. I was responsible for the largest after school program in the district with over 80 kids. Even though this is not a business related job, I think I learned more working with and managing these kids than I have at any retail job I have had. I was in charge of disciplining the kids for poor behavior and making sure all of the kids were getting along nicely. Patience had a whole new meaning to me after working here.

Lake Mission Viejo Association (Summer 2004 and Summer 2005)

LMVA was a recreational park that had boat rentals, beach volleyball courts, and grass/beach areas with BBQs. My job here was to maintain the boats and the park in a whole. This job required hard physical labor for 8 hour days. This was my first job that taught me what hard work and grunt work really is. Having worked here makes me grateful for all of the jobs I have had since.

This was a list of every company I have worked for and what I learned and experienced for each one.

-Jason Kirby

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