Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Blog (Test)

This is the first blog of many to come. This blog will be specific to Jason Ryan Kirby's (me) personal blogs. They will be rant and raves about my personal life and my life at San Diego State University. These blogs are meant to be entertaining and can also be beneficial for those considering going to San Diego State University or any large party school.

Not only will this blog be fun and amusing, it will also direct you to my other useful blogs and sites that consist of information regarding San Diego, Photography, College Life at San Diego State University, Entrepreneurs, Professional Networkers, and even digital marketing. My other blogs related to these topics are http://kirbyprofessional.wordpress.com/ (updated every Wednesday) and http://trl-photography.blogspot.com (updated every Friday)

You can also find all of this information at www.Jason-Kirby.com or you can check out my San Diego Photography company at www.TheRightLightPhotography.com

This blog will be updated every Monday I hope you enjoy these blogs,

Jason Kirby

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