Monday, January 12, 2009

Jason Kirby's Theory of MANtality

Have you ever wondered why more and more people are buying bigger and bigger TVs?

This is due to something I like to call MANtality. What is MANtality? MANtality describes an average male who is in constant competition with himself or other fellow men, whether he knows it or not.

In the bigger TV scenario, I find a 60" LCD TV completely unnecessary when a 32" tube TV will still provide the same end result, a TV show. However, I find myself in the market for 46" Sony Bravia XBR6 TV. For some reason I feel the need to spend $2000 on a TV, when I hardly watch TV at all. I am constantly trying to justify the purchase of this monster of a TV. I keep telling myself I will use it for work by making it a monitor for my computer or that I will buy a BluRay player and watch more movies and TV. To be honest, I have no intention of doing either and I don't even think that TV would fit on my wall. I am in such a small room that my a TV of this size would dwarf my room. The only logical reason behind my way of thinking is my MANtality. I am craving this need for a massive TV.

MANtality goes into affect even more when alcohol is involved.

MANtality doesn't only affect a man's reasoning for pointless purchases, but almost every decision we, as men, make. Below is list of just a few things that have been caused due to MANtality.

  1. Punching walls or immovable objects
  2. Thinking about sex 22 hours a day
  3. Trying to drink more than your friend who weighs 100lbs more than you.
  4. Maxing out at the gym and doing only one rep to see how strong you can say you are.
  5. Not asking for directions when you clearly know you are lost.
  6. Playing a sport with a broken ligament or while wearing a cast
  7. Purchasing the newest tech gadgets just to say you have it, but don't even know what it does
  8. Buying a full-size pickup truck when you live in an apartment complex
  9. Never admitting when you are wrong when deep down inside you know you are.
  10. Not calling a repair specialists to save money, but you end up spending more on your hospital bills after attempting to fix it yourself

These are just 10 things of the many thousand we as man do and rationalize only with our MANtality. Feel free to contribute further by commenting.

- Jason Kirby

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