Monday, January 19, 2009

Jason Kirby and His Spring '09 Semester Goals

As of right now I have a lot on plate:

Internship with eBoost Consulting, part-time as a sales associate at Ritz Camera, owner of The Right Light Photography, teaching photography classes, full-time student at San Diego State University, active in my fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, heavily involved with the Entrepreneur Society, Green Love advisory board, and the Real Estate Society.

And if that isn’t already enough, I am working with a partner of mine to start a new company in the entertainment industry.

With all of these obligations and things I want to accomplish it is hard to keep my priorities straight, still get everything done, and have a social life. So with this blog I want to present all of my goals for this semester and prioritize them.

1) My number one goal, as is for every semester, is to stay on top of my grades and manage to pull off a 3.68 GPA. In order to graduate Kum Latte, I must maintain a 3.68 GPA for my next three semesters here at SDSU.
2) I want to get more involved with Entrepreneur Society and the Real Estate Society. These are two organizations that have lots of resources that I can use to further network with accomplished professionals and increase my knowledge as an entrepreneur.
3) I plan on improving my relationships with friends and family by working a little less and inviting them to my website to keep updated on what I am up to and answer any questions or requests they may have.
4) On top that I want to create new relationships this year and really broaden my network. However, I do not want to pursue superficial and meaningless relationships. I am going to work on meeting people and following up with them and exchanging meaningful conversation. I found this is what real networking is, not just passing out a business card and shaking hands, it is a lot more than that. Check out what I mean by watching this video by Seth Godin.
5) I have begun the early stages of my training for a triathlon in May. I feel that training for a triathlon and competing in one will satisfy my physical needs and have an end result that I can shoot for. I find this to be a much better goal than saying I will go to ht gym every week.
6) I really want to start up Zodiac Girls (the entertainment company – name is tentative). This is the company I will have my first partnership agreement on and I am looking forward to the experience. According the time-line I created for this company, we should be launched by mid May.
7) I plan on sticking to a schedule with updating and adding content to my website. My goal for is to provide my knowledge of business and photography to anyone who might be interested. The other goal is if someone wants to know anything about me or searches me, they will easily find this site. Also, I plan on and have been applying the knowledge I have received from my internship with eBoost Consulting.

All of these goals are subject to change and maybe their priority level might change, but in general this is what I, Jason Kirby, want to accomplish in my Spring ’09 semester.
If you have comments or questions about my goals, or feel that I have not shot in doing any of this, please leave a comment and I will be happy to hear what you have to say.

-Jason Kirby – Your source for everything Jason Kirby – Need a photographer or want to be taught how to shoot like a pro, then visit my photography website and/or Jason Kirby's photography blog

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